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December 12, 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out on Visiting Your Dentist in Dix Hills

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man reclining in dental chair smilingThere is an alarming trend that continues to grow in America. Too many people are forgoing the benefits of visiting their dentist semi-annually for cleanings and examinations. Preventive dentistry is one of the main pillars of oral health, but statistics show that people are seemingly becoming less responsive to proactive care. Your dentist in Dix Hills discusses some of the stats and reveals what problems can arise by skipping visits with your dentist.


November 4, 2017

Visit Your Family Dentist in Dix Hills Before Your Benefits Expire

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Young girl at dentistIn addition to your home oral hygiene routine, the health of your smile relies on regular care from your family dentist in Dix Hills. To keep services affordable, you pay monthly premiums for dental coverage. This allows your loved ones to see their dentist twice a year for a cleaning and checkup for little to no out-of-pocket cost. However, throughout the year, times have gotten a bit busy and you have not scheduled an appointment as often as you should. Now, you have remaining benefits that are about to expire. To maximize their value, it is time for a visit before the year comes to an end.

October 27, 2017

How to Help Your Kids Have a Fun, Healthy Halloween

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child dressed for halloweenUSA Today recently published some statistics regarding candy consumption on Halloween. The numbers are interesting — and also frightening for your family dentist in Dix Hills.


September 9, 2017

What’s in a Smile? Your Cosmetic Dentist Explains this Universal Gesture

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take a smileThey say that mathematics is the universal language, and that might be true — but smiling is the universal gesture. When you meet people from other cultures whose language is completely different from your own, a simple smile can let them know that you’re glad to see them and that you accept them in all their unique glory. Smiles aren’t just for strangers, though. This little gesture can brighten your day and the days of everyone around you, whether they’re your family members, friends, or coworkers. But why is a smile so powerful, and how can you get the most out yours? Your cosmetic dentist in Dix Hills is here to explain.


August 13, 2017

3 Kids Tips from a Children’s Dentist in Arlington Heights

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young girl smiling When it comes to children’s teeth, many parents don’t pay too much attention to how well they’re taken care of. After all, they fall out right? That may be true, but some parents don’t realize how important baby teeth are to lay the foundation for healthy permanent, adult teeth. That’s why your children’s dentist in Arlington Heights thinks it’s important for parents to know these facts about their child’s dental health:

  • Kids frequently exposed to sugary foods and drinks are at a much higher risk of developing tooth decay.
  • Children should visit their dentist by the time they turn one-year old.
  • It’s critical that parents and guardians instill good oral hygiene practices as early as possible.

Let’s explore some ways you can be proactive in preventing oral health issues for your children.


July 21, 2017

See Your Children’s Dentist in Dix Hills before School Starts

Summer is the perfect time to see your children’s dentist in Dix Hills. Ah, the lazy, hazy days of summer. There’s more time for rest and relaxation, vacations and stay-cations, and quality time with family and friends. We’d like to suggest another important way to spend quality time—bring your kids to see the children’s dentist in Dix Hills. Our board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Shubha Soni-Gaur, wants to make your children’s visits to our office fun and relaxing. This may take a little extra time, so why not visit us during the summer when you and your kids aren’t quite so rushed? In the meantime, read on for more important information about your child’s oral health.


June 28, 2017

Your Dentist in Dix Hills for Composite Resin Bonding

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Get a beautiful smile with composite resin bonding.If you do not love the appearance of your teeth, you have probably considered cosmetic dentistry in the past. However, you do not have the time for lengthy treatments and do not want to undergo invasive procedures. Now, you can get the radiant smile you have always wanted with a simple, minimally invasive option. With composite resin bonding, your dentist in Dix Hills, Dr. Raj Gaur, has the solution for you.

May 31, 2017

Dentist in Dix Hills Answers Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

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he dentist in Dix Hills provides comprehensive dental care. We know you’ve been brushing your teeth for years, decades, what feels like time immemorial. But are you really doing it correctly? Many adults are surprised to learn they’re missing a few of the basics. So the next question is… what’s the right way to brush and floss? Your dentist in Dix Hills has the answers to the most basic dental hygiene questions below.


April 24, 2017

Can I Replace My Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in Dix Hills?

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Discover your options for dental implants in Dix Hills.If you are suffering from tooth loss, you need an effective solution to replace your missing teeth. When even one tooth is lost, your oral health and quality of life significantly decline. Although you could choose a traditional option for tooth replacement, like dentures or a bridge and crowns, you could choose dental implants in Dix Hills. Dental implants are the most preferred solution for tooth loss because they last a lifetime while offering a 95% success rate. Not only do they restore your oral functions, but improve your oral health. They are the only option that most closely mimics the appearance and function of natural teeth.

March 11, 2017

Dentist in Dix Hills for Work-Related Dental Injuries

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Your dentist in Dix Hills for work-related oral injuries.Have you recently sustained an injury to the mouth while at work? If your teeth have become damaged due to trauma while working, you need fast treatment to restore oral health. However, this involves a somewhat complex process because you need a dentist in Dix Hills who will work with your workers’ compensation. Many dentists are not prepared to handle the process needed to file your compensation dental claims. As a result, this could lead to added cost and hassle. At Dix Hills Family Dentistry, we treat patients who have been hurt on the job while working with your workers’ compensation and dental insurance to ease the stressful situation.

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