February 29, 2024

Fun Facts About Children’s Dental Health

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Young boy in dentist’s chairFebruary is well-known for Valentine’s Day, but that’s not the only reason to celebrate this month. It is also National Children’s Dental Health Month, and there’s nothing more precious than your little one’s smile. Did you know that every baby tooth is influential in their oral health and development? Although they are only in place for a few years, losing a primary tooth too soon can cause serious problems for their dental health down the road. It can even affect their adult teeth. Here are a few fun facts you should know about children’s dental health to keep your little one’s smile problem-free.

Tooth Decay is 5 Times More Common Than Asthma

Teeth are protected by enamel, the outer layer which is the hardest substance in the human body. Unfortunately, it is always under attack by cavity-causing bacteria. Children aren’t immune to cavities because tooth decay is 5 times more common than asthma, despite being almost 100% preventable. No amount of brushing can reverse a cavity.

57 Million School Hours are Lost from Toothaches

Dental problems are a leading cause of student absences. Although toothaches are common, they aren’t normal. They are a symptom of an underlying problem, like an infection. You can ensure a toothache doesn’t keep your child out of the classroom by scheduling a cleaning and checkup every 6 months. Their dentist will monitor their health to detect anything concerning early for quick treatment.

1 in 5 Kids Have Untreated Decay

Early tooth decay doesn’t always cause any symptoms, which is why regular dental care is important. A small cavity can quickly turn into an infection deep within a tooth. A filling won’t be enough to treat it. Instead, a root canal is the only solution before extraction becomes necessary. Brushing and flossing can keep tooth decay at bay. Regular dental care will ensure there’s nothing concerning hiding in their mouth.

Fluoride Strengthens Enamel

Fluoride is known as “nature’s cavity fighter.” It remineralizes enamel to make it more resistant to tooth decay. It is included in many dental products and tap water to combat cavities. Your child’s pediatric dentist can also provide fluoride treatment to keep their enamel strong.

Up to 39% of Dental Emergencies are Sports Related

Sports-related accidents are a leading cause of dental emergencies. An athletic mouthguard is an important piece of protection for your little one’s smile. It will protect their teeth, jaw, and other oral structures to lessen their risk of a traumatic injury. Research has also shown that it can reduce the risk of concussions. 

You can help your child to set the foundation for a lifelong commitment to excellent oral health. Support good oral hygiene habits, a healthy diet, and regular dental care to ensure their beautiful smile lasts.

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