October 25, 2019

The Best Ways to Keep Teeth Healthy During Halloween

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There’s no question that when it comes to spooky and scary holidays, there’s nothing quite like Halloween. Dressing up as one of your favorite characters and bringing your child door-to-door to collect candy is an incredibly fun and fruitful experience. What’s not so fun is having a dentist tell you and your child that there’s a cavity that needs to be filled, which can be costly for you and unenjoyable for your child. To avoid this situation entirely, keep these oral care tips from a pediatric dentist in Dix Hills in mind.

Ranking Candy from Worst to Best for Teeth

It’s not likely that any houses will be giving out candy with xylitol in it, which is a natural sweetener often recommended by dentists. However, there are certain candies that are much safer for you to eat compared to others.

For example, the worst candy you can eat around Halloween is sour gummy candy. Not only does its gummy texture stick to teeth quite easily, but the acidic compounds used to make the candy will attack enamel continuously. Hard candy is the next worst form of Halloween candy for two reasons. Not only can it crack teeth, but it often takes a long time for it to dissolve. This leaves the teeth and bacteria exposed to sugar for long periods of time. Regular gummies are also terrible for teeth because they can stay on teeth and remain there until you’ve practiced your daily oral care.

Out of all the candies you can eat, chocolate is actually one of the better options because it does not stay on teeth for very long. Of course, you’ll want to brush your teeth promptly afterwards as its dark color can stain teeth quite easily.

Reducing Candy and Sugar Consumption

Considering that your child is about to consume way more sugar than they typically do throughout the year, it’s important that you manage how they consume sugar around your household as well. For example, you should not have any soda or other sugar-filled drinks around the house during this time of year. Avoid putting bowls of candy out for your child to take from as this will only increase their risk of tooth decay.

Furthermore, it helps to screen their candy after they complete their trick-or-treating, ensuring that the worst candy offenders can be removed and either donated or traded in for a special prize you know your child will want.

Habits to Always Keep in Mind During Halloween

Whether it’s October or another month out of the year, you should always keep the following practices in mind:

  • Drink water daily to rinse away sugars and loose food debris.
  • Wait thirty minutes after eating candy to brush your teeth. This allows the saliva to stabilize the pH balance in your mouth.
  • Only eat candy after meals when saliva production is already high.

The holidays don’t have to mean that you’re destined to suffer from tooth decay. All you need to do is practice the right tips and help your child along the way!

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