October 3, 2016

Your Dentist in Dix Hills for Work-Related Injuries

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Your dentist in Dix Hills.When it comes to work-related injuries, most people do not think about dental injuries. While they are not exceptionally common, dental injuries can occur while on the job. When an injury occurs, it is a worker’s compensation case. This creates certain challenges and complications as you will need a dentist in Dix Hills who understands the worker’s compensation process. In order for the guidelines of worker’s compensation to be properly followed, you need a dentist who understands the necessary billing and coding procedures, as well as the required protocols. The entire process can be quite confusing. As a dentist who helps those with work-related dental injuries, we have the information you need to make the situation a bit easier.

Work-Related Dental Injuries

If you have suffered an impact to the neck or face, there is the possibility that a dental injury has occurred. As a result, your dental claim will need to be properly managed or the outcome of the claim can be delayed or even denied. Often, risk managers rely on traditional preferred provider organizations (PPO) to treat the dental injuries. However, there is a specialized approach that needs to be taken. The network must be properly utilized with dental management strategies for the costs and necessary services.

By finding the right dentist who has experience in worker’s comp, they will coordinate the right specialists for in-depth clinical expertise needed for the claims. In addition, the following guidelines will be followed to properly manage the dental claims.

Often, dentists focus on oral health as a whole, which tends to increase the cost of care. However, when a claim is filed, the dentist must be able to focus on an individual issue caused from the injury. For example, if a tooth was chipped or damage to the temporomandibular joint has occurred, these will be treated as a separate claim. The dentist is unable to treat cavities, gum disease or additional oral health complications that are not specifically related to the injury.

In some cases, the injuries can be quite complex. For example, the original injury may have caused jaw pain and a loose tooth. Short-term, these are easily treatable and fairly simple claims. However, when an injury to the jaw occurs, any future trauma or injury to the jaw can cause the original injury to flare. This creates another challenge as the secondary injury can require treatment to start all over.

Due to the complexity of worker’s compensation, there are not a lot of dentists who work with those who have job-related injuries. However, you need a dentist by your side to properly navigate the situation for a positive outcome. Dix Hills Family Dentistry is proud to be your worker’s compensation dentist.

Your Dentist for Worker’s Compensation

Dix Hills Family Dentistry understands the complex process and requirements needed to file worker’s compensation for a work-related dental injury. We will treat your injury and restore oral health while working with your insurance for compensation.

If you have suffered a work-related dental injury, contact our office today for a consultation.



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